The purpose of Rising Cedar is to cast a protective umbrella over the people of this land through the wisdom of the stars.
Like the rising cedar that grows with endurance and strength toward the sky so do the people of this land reach their hearts out.
We as the guardians of this sacred tree of wisdom and memory, the guardians of astrology, pledge our hearts in service to the people of this land.
We pledge to restore astrology’s purpose of inspiring the souls of the people.
We pledge to tell the stories in good ways. We pledge to tell the stories of resistance and strength.
We pledge to be like the rising cedar and to water all those around us, that they may also be like the rising cedar. So that the people of this land may rise again with peace, strength, and endurance.
May the stars speak through us to the souls of the people fighting for a better tomorrow.

Rising Cedar Song

rising rising, rising rising

rising cedar, rising cedar

cedar tree grow strong

cedar tree grow wide

rising cedar, rising tide

cedar tree grow wise

cedar tree grow high

send your roots into the city

send your branches into the sky

rising rising, rising cedar

send your heart into the city

send your heart into the land

send our people home

guide our people with your hand

rising rising, rising cedar

protect us with your vision

protect us as your own

send our people to the stars

send our people home 

rising rising, rising cedar

grow your roots into the city

send our people back to the earth

back to the land, back to the stars

protect our people with your girth

send our people to their homes

cleanse our people with your light

oh mother, bring our people home