Rising Cedar is looking for writers to lend their voice to its spirit! To write for Rising Cedar is to be an emissary on behalf of the stars to the people. Our intention is to document political and social movements through the ages from an astrological lens, and provide a sense of meaning or spiritual advice based on the changing social structures in the world.

The role is essentially one of a storyteller: someone who is able to translate the intricacies of the starry firmament into the story of the common folk. In this way, Rising Cedar is a publication mainly for non-astrologers to read, which releases it from erudite intellectualism and restores it to the heart of human experience.

By all means, do your research, track the cycles throughout time and human history, but show it in a way that can have meaning to any inquisitive soul strolling down the sidewalk. We are living in trying times, and our astrology should reflect that!

What you choose to write about is entirely up to you. Although, it is perhaps useful to have a set of guidelines. In terms of who sets the guidelines, well it should be a communal effort. As Rising Cedar grows, the leadership will shift and change; we are looking to share in the leadership with those who are interested, willing and able.

For now, here are some proposed guidelines for writing:

  •  Avoid being alarmist unless it is absolutely necessary. Astrology is a mystical science, and in it we can often fall prey to our own illusions. Non-astrologers and astrologers alike are susceptible to falling into fear. As we take on the role of story-teller, we also indirectly take on the role of advisor; there are many morals to a story, but we have to be aware of what we imply. The goal is to educate and inspire; and by all means, talk about tragedy if that is what calls to you. The goal is not to sugar-coat, but to provide honest, thoughtful and meaningful hope with open eyes.
  • Try to write the majority of your writing for non-astrologers. It’s true there are some astrological concepts that need to be explained and most non-astrologers will not fully understand, and that’s okay. Rising Cedar should be interesting for astrologers too, and if you are called to write about something technically challenging, go for it. But consider what you can do to make it more easily understandable for beginners, and write technically simpler things in addition to more challenging material.
  • All types of astrology are welcome, including but not limited to: traditional and modern approaches, mundane, electional, horary, modern psychological, mythological, evolutionary, cosmobiology.

Some ideas for topics:

  • Saturn-Pluto conjunctions throughout the ages and what this means for us in the coming years.
  • Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions in air signs and what this means for the next 200 years.
  • Astrological portraits of movements from around the world.
  • Pluto moving out of bounds and what this means for the next 10 years.
  • Historical studies of past movements.

It may be helpful to have some peer review, so if you are interested in reading submitted articles before they are published on the site, please let us know. We can talk more about how to best support each other in this work.

As of now, Rising Cedar has no income, so we will not be able to pay any writers. Once it gets going a bit and some more writers jump on, we will create a Patreon account. What we will do with the money will be up for discussion. One idea is to save it up to create a physical publication.

The manifesto was written by June and Gray during a Mercury cazimi when the idea for this project was birthed. It of course can be changed as more astrologers join this community!